Saturday, September 21, 2013

College essays
We just returned from visiting two universities. My oldest daughter is a junior and my youngest daughter is a freshman.  Listening to the admissions counselor talk about writing entrance essays and the need to be well rounded as an individual validated what teachers at the K-12 level do every day.
Colleges want to read prospective student essays that show "intellect and voice". K12 Teachers want that, too.  The student ambassadors that walked us all over campus were confident, articulate, and actively engaged in their college lives. K12 Teachers want that, too! As a mom and a teacher, these students were inspirational to watch. Of course, teachers want their students to be successful academically. Teachers also  want their students to walk and talk with confidence and intelligence. I pride myself  on encouraging my students to feel good on the inside, talk loud and proud,  to be respectful, to make eye contact, and to take on responsibility. Clearly, the parents and teachers in the lives of the college student ambassadors we met this weekend believed in that, too!

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