Friday, July 18, 2014


Congratulations to me on being selected as a participant in the Governor’s Teacher Network (GTN). The network is composed of 450 teachers representing three-fourths of the state's local school districts. We represent 375 schools in all eight regions of our state. As a whole, we will spend the next year collaborating, creating professional development sessions and materials, or instructional resources for students and teachers across the state, and presenting to our colleagues. The initiative is led by the NCDPI staff, along with the Governor's office. We have already started working on our projects and the collaboration has already proved to be motivating and inspiring. My area of focus is a work in progress.... stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Special Ed Bloghop

I am linking up with Jamie from Tales of a Carolina Girl to share your best advice for the beginning of the school year. Click on the link to below for lots of great advice!

Name: Laural
Job Title: EC (Exceptional Children) Teacher, Resource and Inclusion
Grades: 2- 5
# of years on the job: 3. Prior to that I worked as a substitute teacher and an aide in a multi-handicapped room with 7 students, 1 teacher, and 4 aides.
Best Advice:
Create a schedule for special ed students first. Then, create the general ed schedule around the special ed schedule.
Keep your sense of humor.
Stay positive no matter how strong a storm you face.
Build relationships with students, parents, teachers, the janitor, the secretary, admin, the librarian, the tech teacher, the gym teacher, the art teacher, and anyone else you come across.