Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Learning Style Chart

Interesting! As you can see, my students thought they were mostly auditory, but post test results show otherwise. Hmm.. We had a great discussion about learning styles, what that means, and how to use this information to advocate for ourselves in our learning.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Auditory learners unite!

Auditory learners unite! 
After today's PD, I learned that I am an auditory learner(learning by listening). Who knew? I would have guessed visual learner(learning by looking) and definitely not kinesthetic (learning by touching).
The purpose, of course, was how to differentiate instruction based on our students'
learning styles. You can determine your learning style by taking this online assessment
Did you know you usually teach the way you learn? Uh-oh! My auditory learning
style is probably not helpful for my EC students. Did you know that
80-90% of HS dropouts are kinesthetic and 90% of prison inmates are kinesthetic learners.
What's next? Change in lesson plans for tomorrow.  First, a pretest questions for my cupcakes. "What do you think your learning style is? " Place your answer on the chart. Next, online quiz (teacher will provide read aloud of all directions, questions, and answer choices). Then, chart your learning style, again and group discussion.
If they know their learning style, they can learn to advocate for themselves in the classroom. If I know their learning styles, I can better meet their needs. And that's what it's all about.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

College essays
We just returned from visiting two universities. My oldest daughter is a junior and my youngest daughter is a freshman.  Listening to the admissions counselor talk about writing entrance essays and the need to be well rounded as an individual validated what teachers at the K-12 level do every day.
Colleges want to read prospective student essays that show "intellect and voice". K12 Teachers want that, too.  The student ambassadors that walked us all over campus were confident, articulate, and actively engaged in their college lives. K12 Teachers want that, too! As a mom and a teacher, these students were inspirational to watch. Of course, teachers want their students to be successful academically. Teachers also  want their students to walk and talk with confidence and intelligence. I pride myself  on encouraging my students to feel good on the inside, talk loud and proud,  to be respectful, to make eye contact, and to take on responsibility. Clearly, the parents and teachers in the lives of the college student ambassadors we met this weekend believed in that, too!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Work Box Party! 
All summer long, I researched work boxes/task boxes. I could NOT wait to implement this system for some of the students at our school. I created a pinterest board and labled it...yes, that's right! Task boxes There a  LOT of great ideas!
Last week I held a task box party for the general ed teachers whose students would benefit the most. Our fabulous Autism Specialist prepared and shared a powerpoint, we had some real life examples and we had party favors! Everyone received a set of workbox numbers, a plastic shoe box with a lid and some great ideas of how to start. I am thrilled that these teachers were willing to try a new idea in their classroom to benefit their student with disabilities. I am flattered they allowed me guide them into new territory to encourage student independence and learning.
Stay coming soon.