Monday, September 23, 2013

Auditory learners unite!

Auditory learners unite! 
After today's PD, I learned that I am an auditory learner(learning by listening). Who knew? I would have guessed visual learner(learning by looking) and definitely not kinesthetic (learning by touching).
The purpose, of course, was how to differentiate instruction based on our students'
learning styles. You can determine your learning style by taking this online assessment
Did you know you usually teach the way you learn? Uh-oh! My auditory learning
style is probably not helpful for my EC students. Did you know that
80-90% of HS dropouts are kinesthetic and 90% of prison inmates are kinesthetic learners.
What's next? Change in lesson plans for tomorrow.  First, a pretest questions for my cupcakes. "What do you think your learning style is? " Place your answer on the chart. Next, online quiz (teacher will provide read aloud of all directions, questions, and answer choices). Then, chart your learning style, again and group discussion.
If they know their learning style, they can learn to advocate for themselves in the classroom. If I know their learning styles, I can better meet their needs. And that's what it's all about.

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