Monday, November 11, 2013

Success with Reading A to Z

    This website has a plethora of reading resources. I use A to Z leveled books as a supplement for my students. After determining a student's reading level using the benchmark assessments, each student is assigned a leveled book, the discussion questions, and the phonics and comprehension worksheets that correlate with the book. My students' reading abilities range from level F to level L. Each student takes a folder (that includes the book and  assignments) home to read aloud to an adult or read independently Monday - Thursday. Students are required to answer in complete sentences using the question in their answer. On Friday, everybody returns the folder, book, written responses, and takes the comprehension quiz for the book they read that week. If students answer the comprehension quizzes with at least 80% accuracy on 4 out of 5 weeks, they earn the privilege to move up a letter in the leveled reading system. This gives them the practice they need at the "just right" reading level and increasing the difficulty every 4-5 weeks keeps them challenged.  We graph their progress and everybody is excited to see the progress.
    My students are successful with this reading program. They are practicing phonics, reading books that interest them, being held accountable for their reading, producing higher order responses, engaging with the text, and most importantly, they are making progress.  
     Check out Mrs. H.'s Resource Room blog to see how she is using A to Z Reading in her resource room.

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